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Liz Walke, chair of Save the DGH Campaign, said the survey added another piece to the jigsaw of catastrophic changes to maternity services in Eastbourne over recent years.
  • 1) 27% of mums who start labour in Eastbourne have to be transferred, usually to Hastings ( EBC/ONS survey, October 2017)
  • 2) travel time during labour of over 20 minutes increases the risk of stillbirths or neonatal deaths ( Netherlands Study, 2011/ EBC+ONS survey)
  • 3) Stillbirths in Eastbourne are twice the national average ( figures from East Sussex Healthcare Trust; follow-up FOIs submitted by Save The DGH) 



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Our Definition: Core services include 24 hour A & E full service, 24 hour in-patient Paediatric beds, 24 hour Consultant - led Obstetric service, 24 hour acute Medical admissions, 24 hour acute Surgical, I.T.U. & H.D.U. beds and any pathology and radiological services essential for the core services to be able to function