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Thank you to everyone who supported us at Eastbourne Carnival. We now also have a new banner picture!

April 2018

The East Sussex Health Overview Scrutiny Committee met last week and unfortunately did not have a vote to refer to the Secretary of State for Heath for an independent review on Maternity Services in East Sussex. The meeting podcast can be found here: https://eastsussex.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/330104

Interesting times......we will keep you informed.  And as ever, please let us know your experiences of using Eastbourne DGH, The Conquest and other NHS hospital services.

Other: Letter from Brian Valentine to the Editor of the Eastbourne Herald and Gazette

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Core Services.

Our Definition: Core services include 24 hour A & E full service, 24 hour in-patient Paediatric beds, 24 hour Consultant - led Obstetric service, 24 hour acute Medical admissions, 24 hour acute Surgical, I.T.U. & H.D.U. beds and any pathology and radiological services essential for the core services to be able to function