2017 Campaign Notes

27th October 2017

The East Sussex Maternity Review document was made public today. Notes and a link to the full document can be found here (and on our key documents page).  It confirms what we have been saying.  We are appalled that over a quarter of women have been transferred from the Midwife-led unit and it appears that as long as women are told by midwives this may happen, this is OK.  We do not think it is OK.  We also know that Eastbourne women have a higher number of stillbirths, nearly twice the national average.  Again this is not acceptable. Swift action is needed and we will be demanding that this is addressed.

September 2017

The East Sussex Maternity Review, which has gathered all the answers from the survey mentioned in August 2017, should be published in October.  We think this will provide the evidence needed to get consultant-led Maternity services back to Eastbourne DGH.  A big thank you to all the women in East Sussex who completed the survey and a massive thank you to the brilliant maternity staff at both Eastbourne DGH and the Conquest Hospital who often go above and beyond the call of duty. 

August 2017

All East Sussex mothers who gave birth in 2016 will shortly be receiving, or will have already received, a questionnaire about their experience. We, the Save the DGH Campaign group, want full Maternity services back at Eastbourne DGH and believe the local people, including those who live outside of Eastbourne (e.g. Hailsham, Seaford and the many smaller towns and villages) want these services back at Eastbourne DGH too. So if you receive this questionnaire please complete and return it, ensuring you answer the last question which specifically relates to this. This survey is being carried out independently.  Please share this with any other local families you know that had a baby in 2016.

July 2017

Did you miss our survey at the 999 show? - Don't worry you can complete one here! Thank you so much to the many of you that dropped in to our stand and especially to those who completed our survey.

June 2017

Eastbourne Carnival - thank you for supporting us! If anyone would be prepared to help with our stall at the 999 show (see note below) please contact Kathy Ballard. Please also see Eastbourne Buzz.

May 2017

Advance notice that we will be having a stall at the "999" show this year (July 8th-9th) and hope to see you there! As noted for March we are still interested to hear of any experiences (good or bad) that may be relevant to the Campaign.

March 2017

We are very interested to hear from anyone who has had a baby on the way to the Conquest or been affected by consultant-led Maternity services not being at Eastbourne DGH. We are still fighting for these services to return and it would help us hugely to have this information. We want to publicise this to highlight the issue which we believe is affecting women and their babies and families. We are also interested in hearing from those who have been affected by 24/7 consultant-led Paediatrics not being at Eastbourne DGH and also emergency and high risk General Surgery and emergency and high risk Orthopaedics. Please can you email Liz Walke on info@savethedgh.org.uk.

January 2017

Interesting times......we will keep you informed.  And as ever, please let us know your experiences of using Eastbourne DGH, The Conquest and other NHS hospital services.

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