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May 2019

  • Some of us will be taking part in this years Eastbourne Carnival. Please do come along to support us!
  • Watch out for our new Logo - Coming soon!
  • In recent months we have continued to meet with NHS senior managment and would hope to have more to report soon.

February 2019

Eastbourne Maternity Unit (EMU): We had an encouraging meeting with the staff at EMU who have worked hard to provide an excellent home from home facility for local women and their babies.  Antenatal, intrapartum (labour) and postnatal care are provided. A "low risk" criteria is in place to assess EMU as a suitable place for a woman to birth her baby there. This also offers an alternative facility to Hastings thus avoiding the travelling time. A refurbished "sensory" birthing room will soon be available to encourage an even more relaxed and peaceful environment. EMU now has an integrated team of Community Midwives. Postnatal care is provided, not just for those who have had  their babies at EMU, but also for mothers who have delivered at Hastings and would like help after the birth, especially regarding breast feeding. It was felt that mothers who had had previous uncomplicated pregnancies and births could be encouraged to explore the possibility of choosing EMU for subsequesnt births. EMU are justly proud of the gold standard that they have been awarded.

January 2019

September 2018

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May 2018

Thank you to everyone who supported us at Eastbourne Carnival. We now also have a new banner picture!

April 2018

The East Sussex Health Overview Scrutiny Committee met last week and unfortunately did not have a vote to refer to the Secretary of State for Heath for an independent review on Maternity Services in East Sussex. The meeting podcast can be found here:

Interesting times......we will keep you informed.  And as ever, please let us know your experiences of using Eastbourne DGH, The Conquest and other NHS hospital services.

Other: Letter from Brian Valentine to the Editor of the Eastbourne Herald and Gazette

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Our Definition: Core services include 24 hour A & E full service, 24 hour in-patient Paediatric beds, 24 hour Consultant - led Obstetric service, 24 hour acute Medical admissions, 24 hour acute Surgical, I.T.U. & H.D.U. beds and any pathology and radiological services essential for the core services to be able to function