Who we are

Campaign Group Members are leaders in their communities who have been working together as volunteers since 2006 to fight the downgrading of core services at Eastbourne District General Hospital.

Who we represent

Campaign Group Members represent residents in Eastbourne and its surrounding geographical areas, which are served by the DGH.
Campaign Group Members are representatives also of all the main political parties, local government, businesses, churches and local families united in their concern to see essential emergency core services being retained in Eastbourne.

Campaign Supporters

Campaign Supporters are concerned members of the public who have joined us in the fight to retain essential emergency core services at Eastbourne DGH.
They have expressed their support by writing to us with concerns, by signing our petitions and by joining us on marches and at protests.
Since 2006 thousands of individuals have expressed their support in these ways.

Our Fighting Fund

We need finances for our fighting fund. In the past it has enabled us to take legal action, publish reports and recommendations, and communicate widely with local residents via distributed literature. It helps us maintain this website.

Campaign Group Members

Caroline Ansell MP for Eastbourne and Willingdon (Conservative)
Vincent Argent – Consultant Obstetrician/ Gynaecologist and Medical Advisor
Richard Booth – Treasurer and Chartered Accountant (LMDB Accountants, Eastbourne)
John Clarke - Community Dermatologist and Medical Advisor
Tim Cobb - Public Relations Advisor (Cobb PR, Eastbourne)
Lee Comfort - Labour Party Representative
Monica Corrina-Kavakli – Parent Campaigner and public representative
Barry Davis - Legal Advisor and Solicitor (Mayo Wynne Baxter, Eastbourne)
Selene Edwards - Facebook and Social Media
Tim Geitzen - Retired GP and Medical Advisor
Stephen Lloyd - Previous MP for Eastbourne and Willingdon (Liberal Democrat)
Ian Lucas - Representative of Local Business and Director of Eastbourne & District Chamber of Commerce
Sandy Medway - Churches Together and previous East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust non-executive Director
Councillor Colin Murdoch - Conservative
Martyn Relf - Chair of Churches Together for Eastbourne.
Keith Ridley – Previous Editor of Johnstone Press
Councillor David Tutt -Leader of Eastbourne Borough Council (Liberal Democrat)
Brian Valentine – Retired Consultant Obstetrician/ Gynaecologist and Medical Advisor
Liz Walke - Chair